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What can we do together?

Forming an Assembly District Committee- ADCs are a formalized way for members of the County Committee to organize their neighbors around community issues. ADCs would empower community members to make decisions or amplify the voices of the community on issues that impact us. District Leaders are responsible for forming ADCs. Other assembly districts have them. Why don't we? If elected, Monae would like to support the organization of County Committee Members into an ADC. Our community would be empowered and have a say in what goes on politically in our neighborhood. An ADC would also create a way for the community to mobilize with ease around issues that impact our neighborhood.

Fix the BOE

For a Better Future

As District Leader, Monae would like to advocate for much-needed improvements at the Board of Elections. Were you one of the Brooklynites whose name was purged from the voter registration rolls in 2016? That incident was a result of an inefficient and ineffective Board of Elections. Monae would take every opportunity to advocate for an improved BOE on behalf of all Brooklynites. Learn more about how the BOE can be improved here.

County Committee

Restoring Their Power

 County Committee Members, our most immediate representatives to the Brooklyn Democratic Party, have had their powers taken systematically taken away over the past few years. Changes were made to weaken the role of County Committee Members. If they have had powers taken away, then our voices are not being heard when decisions that impact us are being made. Monae will do everything she can to restore the powers of the County Committee.

Issues: Issues
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